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In The News

In the News

Cold Brew Coffee

We know many of you enjoy your coffee in the morning. But as the heat of summer endures, a hot cup isn’t the best way …


Summer Hours

Starting June 1, Tom’s Thumb Fresh Market moves to its summer hours. The market will be open from 6 am – 8 pm. Bistro service …


Thank you Channel 3

Channel 3 stopped by to visit Tom’s Thumb last week. Chef Kevin showed them around the market and his kitchen. Back at the station, the …

Toms and the Scouts

Best Smells Around

According to Girl Scouts of Arizona, Tom’s Thumb smells pretty darn good. The troops named our Do-Si-Do Apple Pie the Best Smelling Dessert in the …

Finished Wall

Chalk It Up

Have you noticed some changes at Tom’s? Our chalkboard artist Rachel has been busy updating our dining room, menus and signs with her talented artwork. …

Tom’s Turns 2

Thank you everyone who came out this weekend to help us celebrate our 2 year anniversary. There was plenty going on in our neighborhood, and …


On The Town

What a start to Fall! Tom’s has been on the town meeting many of our regular guests and making new friends at fundraisers and food …


After the Rain

We’ve had some wild weather this week, and we’re thankful for all the rain. Soon it will be cool enough to hike to our namesake …

We Love Stars

So how are we doing? At Tom’s we count on your feedback, not only in the store but online. We value social media reviews like …

1_BBQ Platter

Tell Guy Where to Go

We hear it more and more often: that Tom’s Thumb is the kind of place Guy Fieri would visit for his show

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