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<span>We are</span> Tom's Thumb

We are Tom's Thumb

Whatever it is,
We want to make your time spent extraordinary!

Tom’s Thumb Mission

Tom’s Thumb Fresh Market is dedicated to making many of the mundane daily activities of life extraordinary. Whether it is filling up the car with gas, getting the car washed, grabbing a cup of coffee, catching a quick bite to eat or just picking up a bottle of wine for dinner at home, we want to make your time spent extraordinary.

Have your car pampered with a hand wash and wax. Order a cup of specialty coffee made by one of our expert baristas. Browse our artisan gift market, a market that is open everyday. Enjoy one of the best hand-crafted meals in the area (breakfast, lunch, or dinner). Take home authentic hardwood smoked BBQ. Select a cheese and a bottle of wine or craft beer recommended by our knowledgeable staff and store managers. All on one corner, under one roof, with one simple mission….making the daily mundane into the extraordinary.

Calling this place a gas station is really a misnomer. Yes, there are gas pumps and a car wash outside, but the market itself could easily function as a standalone restaurant. When was the last time you saw a chandelier in a gas station?

~ Alissa A. on Yelp

Voted Best Restaurant in North Scottsdale

Phoenix Magazine voted Tom’s Thumb one of the Best New Restaurants to open in North Scottsdale in 2012.

“Are we above giving a Best New Restaurant nod to a gas station? It would seem not. In this Hollywood-emulating year of the restaurant remake/sequel/spinoff, this eatery in Tom’s Thumb gas station/car wash/gourmet market is the equivalent of The Artist, an out-of-left-field entry notable for its sheer ballsiness.

It’s not pushing epicurean envelopes, but its well-executed menu items are as merit-worthy as its moxie. Tudie Frank-Johnson, formerly of D’licious Dishes, is an award-winning whiz with barbecue, and nothing pairs better…” Read More…

If you are looking for an amazing atmosphere, fantastic food and a place to relax or even have a business meeting, come to Toms!